Caring for Your Glamtanz

At Glamtanz all our kaftans are enriched with embellishments and delicate fabrics, attention and care should be taken.

All of our kaftans are loose fitting and will not require washing after each wear. Refreshing your GlamTanz Embellished Kaftan is recommended by hanging in an airy place and ironing by using a cool iron, with a pressing cloth (Do not place heat on or around embellishments)

Please take care when wearing jewellery to avoid snagging.

With wear and washes, it is normal that some crystals may dislodge.

A spot dry clean is recommend by a trusted specialist dry cleaner, however our kaftans can also be hand washed.

Hand wash instructions:

  • Turn kaftan inside out.

  • Always use cold water.

  • Use a very small amount of a mild liquid detergent.

  • Light hand wash, taking care not to rub the embellishments (Do not leave soaking as you will risk embellishments from dislodging).

  • Rinse thoroughly (do not twist or wring).

  • Lay flat to dry out of direct sunlight (on a towel to soak up the water and to speed up the drying process).

  • Iron at a low temperature using a pressing cloth (Do not place heat on or around embellishments).